Gourmet Dinner Parties

How often have you had a Dinner Party and instead of having fun, were exhausted!

This is your chance to be creative and impress your friends. You and your Chef will design the menu, and your work is done!

On the day of the party, we arrive with all the freshest ingredients and equipment needed for preparing a Fabulous Dinner Party. We prepare everything Fresh in YOUR KITCHEN.

At the end of the party, we will leave your kitchen spotless.

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Are you ready to experience a unique Sarasota dining experience in the comfort of your home?

Gourmet Cuisine now offers the most sumptuous dishes with a unique sushi twist.

How about smoked salmon and tempura asparagus rolled into an amazing maki roll? Or a seafood tartar with scallops, salmon, and crab, accompanied by apples, all rolled into a fabulous rice roll? Or Bangkok chicken with mango and cucumbers, rolled into a delectable roll? And in finishing, how about a roll with raspberry cheesecake, topped with an amazing raspberry coulis? Or a sticky rice roll with Nutella, bananas and pineapple, finished with whipped cream?

We offer a three course gourmet meal, created especially for you!

The menu for your home event is created based on your and your guests' favorite palates. We shop for the freshest ingredients and head for your home, prepare the amazing meal right before your eyes, serve it, then clean and leave your kitchen sparkling.

What can you do to manifest the most memorable evening? Gather a minimum of 10 people, and we provide 20-25 bites per person...from appetizer to dessert!

Incredible enough? All of this for just $45 per person!

So let Gourmet Cuisine help you impress in your next gathering, whether it is just an evening with friends, a special occasion or reception, or a business endeavor. A distinctive dining experience in the comfort of your home!

Asparagus Tempura and Salmon

Crunchy Crab Cake rolls

Panko Crusted Fried maki with seafood tartare

and more!!!!