• Linda Slavin

    My husband and I were referred to Marie Poulin several years ago, and she is truly a delight!  Marie  will arrive at your home completely prepared to cook you a variety of delicious dishes, all based on your personal likes or dislikes. She shops for the organic food herself and then neatly prepares it in your own home. Voila, no mess, no fuss, and the dishes can also be frozen if necessary.

    For several years, Marie prepared us low fat dishes which is not an easy request. She kept our calories minimized and everything she cooked tasted excellent. Therefore, I would highly recommend Marie as a personal chef. She is timely, has an amazing repertoire of recipes and bi-weekly, she filled our refrigerator with five tasty meals. Having her cook for us was a privilege and always a delectable treat.

    Most of us are lucky enough to be well versed in one field but, Marie is also a budding, up-in-coming artist. Ask to see her portfolio!