The Spiralizer - A great Kitchen Gadget

  • September 17, 2014 - 12:47 pm
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Are you familiar with Spiralizer machines? - Handy for turning vegetables like zucchini into curly pasta-like strands.

This handy slicer creates beautiful mounds of julienne squash, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables for garnishing, toppings, and create recipes.

It's simple to use and makes nutritious spiral vegetables & noodles - a gluten free, grain free, low carb alternative to pasta!
Add new texture to your dish, stir-fries and salads. You can make long ribbons of cucumber, carrots and radishes for salads, or apple spirals for apple slaw.

It's a must have in my kitchen! Make "pasta" in no time!


For recipes using a Spiralizer, please visit Citronlimette


Raw Zucchini Salad